September 07, 2020

kiwie lowkey workshop 2020


Ever wondered how do these guys create all the crazy paintings with spray paint? I was bored, so I decided to spread the knowledge and create an extremely private “kiwie lowkey workshop”. In this workshop, participants will learn the dark magic of Graffiti and Street Art culture, how to come up with weird ideas, and how to properly use spray paint on a wall or any other surface. And on top of that, have a great time.

The workshop is extremely private. Limited to 10 participants at a time only. Happens on the weekends.

24.-25.October. Starts every day at 11.00 AM, and ends at 5.00 PM. Price for both days 150 EUR.  GROUP IS FULL

31.Oct.-1.Nov. Starts every day at 11.00 AM, and ends at 5.00 PM. Price for both days 150 EUR.  GROUP IS FULL



Introduction to History of Graffiti and Street Art

Graffiti & Street Art Styles and Techniques

What Is Creativity and How to Think Creatively

Sketching and Building Concept Ideas

Spray-Painting Techniques

Painting Practice on Actual Walls

Spray Painting on Canvas


Sketchbook and sketching materials

Spray Cans



Multiple Caps

1 Canvas surface 100×100 cm


LOCATION: Kiwie studio / Riga. Precise location sent only to workshop participants.

LANGUAGES: English, Latvian, Russian


THEORY / The history of Graffiti and Street Art. Who invented the can of Spray-Paint? Why it all started and where? Who are the most famous graffiti and street artists right now and why? How they became world-known? Why you should and/or shouldn’t follow them? Everything you have to know about Graffiti and Street Art.

SKETCHING / The art of sketching. Explanation on how your brains work, when they work best and where the creativity comes from? How to come up with unique ideas and how to put them on paper? What is creative intelligence? The importance of sketching and finding your own style? How to master your skills daily?

SPRAY PAINTING PRACTICE / How to paint on walls using Spray-Paint Cans? Why the accessories like caps, respirators and gloves are important and how to properly use them? How to prepare your wall for painting? How to put your sketch on the wall in the right proportions? How to choose the right colors? How to create a gradient and how to draw a sharp line? What comes first, fill-in, or outline? Tips & tricks on how to paint with and without drips. 

MINDSET / Final work – Create your own painting on the Canvas surface for home-taking. Throwback on all the information learned in the past days. How to utilize this creative knowledge not only in wall-painting but also in your everyday life, creating a much-fulfilled everyday life. 

WORKSHOP COSTS:  150.00 EUR [ for 2 days ]

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